Oleksander BondarevVenture capital, founder, startups
Advice of testing markets, ideas and building MVPs
About me
A highly motivated and ambitious hacker at heart, now leveraging tech know-how in the VC game. I have experience in full-stack development, mobile app development, WebVR, UX design, rapid prototyping, and marketing automation. Languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Python. Working knowledge of Git, Webpack, BDD, Angular, React and React Native, Ionic, Meteor, FeathersJS, Scrapy, PhantonJS, and the AWS ecosystem. Love: Clean UI, Web Components, Prototyping, Deep Learning (Tensor Flow, Keras, Theano), NLP, VR/AR, and BioHacking.
Venture capital, founder, startups
Prague, Czechia
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Fund-raising for start-ups
I help young companies develop a value proposition that will resonate with investors and can make their fund-raising search more likely to succeed. With a deep dive into a company's DNA and then building out a pitch presentation, companies gain the confidence needed to make an impact on investors.
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