Roman DrokovSTARTUPS + MARKETING + TECHNOLOGY, hOOman. Founder of several startups.
Had my marketing agency for 10 yrs focusing on that, working with Vizeum, Rimi, Omd, etc
About me
Hello Human! I consider myself a pro on launching startups and businesses from idea to early stage. I also excel at creativity, out of the box problem solving, team building, vision, strategy, fundraising and self-development. Big fan of People! Also OKRs, Lean Quality management, psychology and books Currently founder and active member of several startups mainly in marketplaces, robotics, AI domains. With my startups I was selected to acceleration programs in Germany, Finland, Israel and fundraised funding from USA, Israel, Lithuanian, Finnish, German Investors and Organizations. Got accepted to tier1 accelerator Techstars (same who raised startups like Uber) Successfully managed sales to Top Global companies like GSK, Roche, Manpower, Oracle, Heineken, European Space Agency, KRKA etc. Also got The Best Startup Award from American Chamber of Commerce, Best Startup In Saving lives category in Sweden and Italy, also finalist in Global an EU startup awards. Can’t wait to help you out with your challenges!
STARTUPS + MARKETING + TECHNOLOGY, hOOman. Founder of several startups.
Vilnius, Lithuania
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