Marius SkrupskisStreet artist, fire juggler, volunteer
*graffiti, street art, spray paint *murals, painting, drawing, airbrushing *graphic design, Illustrator, Photoshop, InD *fire juggling, poi, staff, devil stick, 2x staff *youth work, running open youth space
About me
Hi I'm Marius, you can look at what I do on FB or Instagram. Search for Mariaus Skrupskio Studija or MStudija. ✌️ Other interests *snowboarding, wakeboarding *psichology, philosophy, theology *making things *volunteering, organising events So lets meet up 😉🙃
Street artist, fire juggler, volunteer
Kupiškis, Lithuania
Similar topics
How to build the ideas for your art?
I have a demonstrated history of working with various art projects both individually and in collaborations. I believe that every artis should be unique and know exactly what they want to tell the world. Knowing your main reason for creation will work as the strongest base for your art.
Rūta MatulevičiūtėMultidisciplinary Artist, Curator
How to open your art exhibition?
From building the idea to choosing the venue and sending the message about your event to the world and presenting the idea at the opening - art events require lots of experience and creativity.
Rūta MatulevičiūtėMultidisciplinary Artist, Curator
Hi and Welcome, my name is Christian Ramjee I am half Austrian and half Nepalese...
Christian Wallentadeja vu experience 2.0
Find an ARTWORK for your GOAL !
Today, as part of Timeless Paintings activities, I consult on how to find a customized piece of art with emotional and aesthetical value. I can suggest a number of portraitures as well as modern and contemporary artists and show a lot of examples of different pieces of art.
Lina LinkeviciuteLuxury Business and Sales Professional/Theatre Director/Creative Consultant
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