Chan Chian WenKnowledge hunter, adventurer, occasional musician and poet
Being a scientist for 8 years, an engineer for 5 years, and a social impact change-maker for 2 years, my knowledge in circular economy from obstacles to solutions would hopefully bring a unique perspective to my readers. Looking forward to interesting and engaging conversations and collaborations.
About me
Circular economy is my vision. I am working collaboratively on circular economy in the food and agricultural industries, both of technology-push and demand-led behavioural science. My favourite team is MyFood Matters, at I publish opinion pieces on Medium at (bonus point for anyone who can guess the play of words is in reference to an academic I admired) The books that made me teared up are Tuesdays with Morrie, and The Kite Runner. My favourite thought leader is Daniel Kahneman, followed by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. My favourite dance is The Rite of Spring, music composed by Igor Stravinsky, choreographed by Vaslav Nijinsky. My music taste is eclectic with heavier preference on purely instrumental. I am intrigued by cultural use of pentatonic scales. I am occasional musician, photographer, and poet. For photos and poems, go to My favourite sport is hiking, swimming, and squash.
Knowledge hunter, adventurer, occasional musician and poet
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Similar topics
I love, love, love innovation. New ideas and concepts excite me. I've never been an "in the box thinker" and growing up I couldn't understand why everyone couldn't see what was so obvious to me. Today I love to inspire and develop innovation. We all have the ability to be innovative.
Marian ClarkePsychologists
Any psychological topic
I love analyzing what triggers certain behaviors, what motivates us to do certain things, what brings certain emotions in our life and etc. Would be interesting to have a structured duscussion on any psychological topic,
Vladislav TropI'm a techie and an entrepreneur
Deep learning and AI development
My latest cherry on top skill is building neural network which can do multiple things at once. I am capable of builting it from scratch and use it on real time photo/video data. I love it!
Kasparas AleknavičiusHealthcare futurist. Meaning Doctor, AI Developer, Business Developer 🧠🚀
Digital health
Patient engagement solutions and prevention of chronic diseases - this is the future of healthcare.
Kasparas AleknavičiusHealthcare futurist. Meaning Doctor, AI Developer, Business Developer 🧠🚀
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