Marius ČiuželisInvestor / Advisor / Social Entrepreneur
Business & Social responsibility Charities & Foundations management, marketing & communication Endowment Capital management Transformation from being good to doing good
About me
I’ve spent 20 years in Private Wealth Management working for various financial institutions and managing HNWI’s money to finally find myself being lost in social entrepreneurship. Since 2014 I run M. Čiuželio labdaros ir paramos fondas and it’s core project Sidabrinė linija - a free of charge befriending and support line, providing information, friendship and advise to the lonely and isolated old age people ( I am happy to discuss my past and present experience, knowledge gained and lessons learnt in finance, investments, wealth management, social entrepreneurship as well as off-business (for profit and not for profit) topics I’m passionate about: Wine, food, art, bonistic, travelling, haute horlogerie, road biking, high altitude mountaineering.
Investor / Advisor / Social Entrepreneur
Vilnius, Lithuania
Marius Čiuželis on Impact investments & Social entrepreneurshipInvestor / Advisor / Social EntrepreneurSome time ago
Two good news to my followers: 1) Vilnius City Mayor awarded me with the badge and the title of Vilnius City Patron > 2) I will not raise my hourly rate because of that - feel free to ask me anything.
Vilniaus miesto savivaldybė - Vilniaus miesto mecenato ženklelis įteiktas Mariui Čiuželiui


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Congratulations Marius
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