Tomas PininasCyber Security Hygienist, IT Ninja
No matter who you are, how old you are, which gender, you can start your career in IT field and become a programmer, system administrator, product manager and more. We can discuss the market, your skills, next steps and more.
About me
Cyber Security I am spending a lot of time teaching people of cyber security hygiene, who does not know how to hide and protect herself or himself in the internet. I am participating in a lot of events, which require to attack or defend targets/infrastructure, which gives me an opportunity to touch how things are being done, so I could explain how to protect yourself in the dark and cold area called internet. Career kickstart in IT field Once upon a time I was a Unix Security team leader and was hiring specialists to various roles and was a founder of Unix academy, where I was teaching basics of Linux administration, which helped young and not so young talents to kickstart their careers in IT world. I can share my view what is important in order to start your journey in IT. Unix Server Administration My main job is to keep servers up and running so all your apps, websites and etc. could work and make your life easier. If you are interested what is happening behind the scene, let me know ;)
Cyber Security Hygienist, IT Ninja
Vilnius, Lithuania
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