Hannah Binti Azlanthinks too much about thinking too much | mental health
Borderline Personality Disorder gives you a very unstable sense of self: you are literally the last five people you spent time with. In this respect, I can show you how limiting your inner circle has its benefits and how certain personality tests can help you find yourself.
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I’m a social media maven whose personal history reads like a badly written Mary Sue in some fan fiction online. “TV taught me how to feel, now real life has no appeal” is one of my favourite quotes, but like you - I live in the regular space-time continuum of reality. Coping with a diagnosis like borderline personality disorder is hard and not easy to handle - let alone fully understand. I’m sharing my experiences with you so that things could be easier, and you know that you’re not alone. Come talk to me! - TOPICS: 💌 mental health: coping, awareness, support 💌 productivity hacks (or, how to brain when yours feels broken) 💌 self-awareness: limits, cause & effect, personality vs. personal brand 💌 personal growth: determining your own direction, pursuing your path 💌 society’s you vs. real you: how to draw the line 💌 BONUS: how I used video games to learn how to human
thinks too much about thinking too much | mental health
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Hannah Binti Azlan on Clarity in Intraspection: Introthinks too much about thinking too much | mental healthSome time ago
There wasn’t anything that could have prepared me for my first full-blown anxiety attack. I felt like I was frozen in place but I couldn’t stop shaking. It was like I had tunnel vision; all I could focus on was the trigger and how overwhelming it felt, how I didn’t think I could overcome it, how it felt like no matter how hard I tried - I would never be able to do something about it. Was I not good enough? Did I do something to deserve this? My thoughts would come at a million miles a minute but also fixate on the same topic again, and again. It kept happening like a nightmare I couldn’t wake up from. I couldn’t escape it. I was so scared. What if I never fixed it? What if this kept happening? What if this was it, this was the end of it? Anxiety doesn’t always feel the same for everyone, but one thing is: it’s your mind and body being in a state of emergency when danger isn’t. Learning to recognise the signs of a panic or anxiety attack is key to learning how to self-soothe and get it under control again.

Hannah Binti Azlan on Clarity in Intraspection: Introthinks too much about thinking too much | mental healthSome time ago
If you ever feel bad for burning out... don’t. It’s normal to be burnt out if you’ve been working hard on things, or even if you’ve been doing the same thing for so long. You might have all the luxuries in the world and you might still burn out. It’s okay, breathe - you’re allowed to have a moment where you’re not okay.

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