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I am one of those who do not like reading hard cover or pdf books HOWEVER reading and getting knowledge from people who made it in life is extremely important. I can share how you can tap into something which can equally benefit you with knowledge without getting bored.
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I am the founder of Internet Company called www.RedPanda.Network est in 2016. I am all about building relationships with people and love interacting with academic & intellectual individuals. Young Youtuber / Vlogger on the side as I am passionate about recording memories & sharing with the world to share knowledge videos or entertainment / travel videos. Lover of Cars & Technology. Always down to seek discomfort to experience new and spontaneous parts of life. An Aquarius with an extremely positive and optimistic mindset. Loving my entrepreneurial journey with like minded people along the way!
Technology Entrepreneur
Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mark Javed on Don't Like Reading Books?Technology EntrepreneurSome time ago
Recommended Business Youtube Channels that I watch regularly: Top in the list is VALUETAINMENT by Patrick Bet David. A great diversified content on capitalism. Love it. 2. Kevin O leary - The Mr Wonderful ofcourse 😅 A Nasty Shark from the Shark Tank USA BUT very insightful Business knowledge. 3. Graham Stephan - A Young Millionaire who talks about real estate & other investments in general. He shares some serious experiences of his investments and returns. Crazy Thumbnails 😂 4. Brian Tracy - What a great sales & marketing teacher. A complete business course package absolutely Free on Youtube. You get some real good tips on sales & marketing. 5. The Rich Dad Channel by Robert Kiyosaki - All about making money. Real Estate Investment and tips on asset protection and legit tax saving. Great insights for Millenials. He is going hard on sharing financial education which our standard education system doesn't provide. Here you go, those were some of my recommendations. Who do YOU listen to? Share with me 😁 I dont read books, I watch!

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