Igne DegutyteWeb-developer, mom, dancer
I started programming relatively lately, during the studies I was surrounded by mostly men. However I accepted the challenge of learning IT despite the gender and age and the fact that I have a lot of other interdisciplinary interests.
About me
- I am a web developer in a Dutch company in Vilnius. - Single mother of two small international kids. - I am break-dancer, hip-hop is my old passion. - I lived in Italy and Germany, where is studied art history and then moved to computer science, I speak 4 languages. - After being a vegetarian for ~ 10 years I decided to reduce my carbon footprint and moved to a plant-based diet. I also try to buy only second hand and am a fan of zero waste philosophy. - This autumn I started practice Wim Hof method and together with friends I am going to Vilnele river every morning for a bath. - I am a co-founder of a digital startup in social business (health sector in Africa).
Web-developer, mom, dancer
Vilnius, Lithuania
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