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Everything you need to know about oral health maintainance, teeth whitening, oral care for a baby or eldery people.
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a total right brain thinker, creative person who can burst you with a bunch of genius ideas
Creative thinker | Entrepreneur
Klaipėda, Lithuania
Dovaine Juciute on Dental CareCreative thinker | EntrepreneurSome time ago
Daily reminder- don’t forget to maintain healthy teeth: 1. Brush 2 times per day. 2. Use a dental floss !! 3. Use mounthrinse with fluoride, to prevent dental caries, I’d recommend Oral Flux. 4. Use tongue scraper. 5. Avoid eating late at night. 6. After a meal eat a piece of cheese to prevent accumulation of Streptococcus Mutans bacteria. And additionally: Visit dental hygienist at least once per year!

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