Karolis LiukpetrisReal Estate Broker
I am hero to answer these questions :)
About me
Have any questions regarding selling or buying real estate?
Real Estate Broker
Vilnius, Lithuania
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Airbnb-your passive income!
Anyone can start this business with minimal capital! Whether you own a property or not, as long as you willing to learn, you will be part of the earning team!
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Real Estate Market
I am independent real estate analyst who have been analysing real estate market in Lithuania since 2007. I can share my knowledge about the trends, streangths, threats and weaknesses in this market that will make your decisions much easier and, most likely, way better.
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Let's talk about what is relevant and what changes are taking place in the real estate market today
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Me and my team evaluate Your real estate price and could offer You full complect of services.
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