Odilija Guntoriūtėadventurer with an office job - clustering and exports.
Last year I organized “Show of your hat!” picnic. This year the date is TBC. You don’t have to leave your home town to have an adventure. Previously I organized “Takk, Island!” festival and “Amber Trip” art jewellery contest.
About me
Clustering I am “Digital Lithuania” cluster manager. Previously “Amber Trip Cluster” coordinator. My masters thesis was about clustering. I know inside and out the benefits and struggles of clusters. Events Little details matter. Event planning is a lot easier if you have someone with experience in the team. B2B exhibitions, conferences, seminars, one day festival - meet me to hear what might get wrong and how to prepare for it. Oh and adventures work - life - adventure balance philosophy is something that I looove talking about and share some tricks
adventurer with an office job - clustering and exports.
Vilnius, Lithuania
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