Thomas DesimpelAngel Investor, Polyglot, Real Estate Investor
Lessons learned from angel investing (start-up's). Deal flow, international syndicates, portfolio management, do's and dont's for founders with investors/VC's. Investing is fun & learnful! You meet all kinds of people through this semi/full-profession...Let's share experiences?
About me
I am a B2B SaaS angel and international real estate investor, mostly focused in Brazil and Benelux. My years of experience working around the world has helped me to build an international network where I like to help building connections between people/companies. Lived and worked in Rio for over ten years. During my free time, I am all about reading, walking/running and a bit of Qoorio馃檪
Angel Investor, Polyglot, Real Estate Investor
Bruges, Belgium
Thomas Desimpel on Angel investors / how to invest in start up's.Angel Investor, Polyglot, Real Estate InvestorSome time ago
Why European angel investing still is local-it shouldn鈥檛. (Link also in comment) Fellow Qoorio-ers any thoughts 馃?

Thomas Desimpel on Angel investors / how to invest in start up's.Angel Investor, Polyglot, Real Estate InvestorSome time ago
Justas of Qoorio asked me: "Thomas, what's your story of becoming an angel tech investor ?" Short answer: "The totally different and new network of founders and co-investors and the continuous learnings and new insights that break you outside of your social bubble" Very Qoorious 鈽濓笍馃槉馃 of filosofy, (part) of the reasons I am on this network to have my daily Qoorious coffee/readings .. Longer answer (and as a bonus I will let you know how I ended up as the only Belgian, so far馃槉, until this moment on Qoorio, at least to my knowledge.) "As a Belgian living in Brazil where I set up my own real estate investing company from scratch (as foolish as this looks in hind sight when writing this down, in the beginning I couldn't speak even Brazilian Portuguese- but that's another story), I worked almost day and night while also had to give a lot of attention towards my family whom I had brought over from Belgium with me and they also faced the same problems (new school, new language, new house, totally new social environment etc). "My work universe was (and still is) a network of trusted Brazilian real estate lawyers, brokers, real estate developers, my accountant a few free lancers (real estate scouts, architects). With this people I have worked very closely during a number of years." "While doing so, after some years, some Belgians from my 'old' home country started to contact me and asked spontaneous help to introduce them to and help them with things like setting a local company themselves, referring to have a good accountant, commercial introductions, helped them to translate (meanwhile I became quite fluent in Portuguese) .... I started to realise I had something to offer...and the seed of becoming a business angel was planted." "Also doing so, broke my old social network and I met totally new people from outside of my network with different/other views/insights/experiences....and that was the second seed of becoming a business angel" "After a failed first investment in a start up, I realised I lacked training/education in the business angel world." "After moving back from Brazil to Belgium I decided to follow a number of angel investment classes where at the same time I learned how syndicates were working" "I couldn't find the specialised trainings in Belgium so I found a course in the Netherlands. I very much liked it and learned a lot. I asked the organizers how did they start. They learnt it them selves from other investors/copied the program from Estonia. So I took lessons online/offline from Estonia." "In Estonia I asked the organizers from the Nordic Angel Program why/how they decided to launch an investor program...seemed they learnt it themselves/copied from Fiban (association of Finnish business angels) and some angels of FIBAN in Estonia invited me to Helsinki to "learn from the source"... "And so I ended up in Helsinki...taking lessons and networking /investing together in one Finnish start up. (The idea/filosofy of those programs is not only learning in theory but also Do-ing it, making a real due diligence /vetting process)" "In Helsinki I was approached by a Baltic VC who wanted to learn more from my Brazilian experiences as one of this start-up's started to get active over there and checked if I could help them potentially...Offcourse鉁岋笍馃槈..." " I liked his investment approach and learned he was launching a new fund...the first investment turned out to be....,馃檶馃 Qoorio" And so Justas that's how I became an angel investor and enthusiastic supporter of Qoorio 馃憣馃憤 and the first Belgian on your network. Hereunder a picture of Brazilian art, it's a group of people going in group from one place to another and that's how I feel about life and angel investing.


Stephen BrooksEntrepreneur & Acapella Singer
Great story, thanks Thomas!
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