Janina Sabaite MelnikovieneBusiness communication & Employer Branding// Happiness coach
Point-to-point decisions & strategy for business development
About me
🎯PR & Business communication I am creative and goals-oriented proffesional with 17 years experience in variuos sizes and different companies: from large corporations till small or even one-man show start-ups. My strong opinion- all biz activities, including PR, marketing, business networking, product development and etc. should be seen as tools to achieve company goals and make profitable results. I am passioned about bringing sustainability, win-win decisions, communication simplicity into everyday life of organisation. My core competencies: ✅ Social media marketing communication strategy ✅ Social media management as business tool PR & Marketing communication strategy (from zero to development) ✅ Employer Branding projects & consultation ✅ Internal communication: ideas and workshops ✅ Crisis communication: preparation, coaching, leading through process ✅ SCR & Sustainability ✅ Workshops about Communication 🥳 Happiness coach & stress-reduction More than 60% employees reflects that feel stress in their everyday working life. And thats why comes burnd-out syndrome, unmotivated managers, lack of self awareness, conflicts and etc. I see myself as bringing Happy workplace mission into every office, for every employee. I am professional coach and and a student of LSMU post-diploma programm of Mindfulness based cognitive theraphy. My experience as corporative employee and bussines owner and professional background of coaching and mindfulness let me developed the stress-of and “Happiness school” program, which I want to share with organisations. 🤹‍♂️ Happiness program Feel free to contact me here or via social media (FB, Linkedin, Instagram). Lets make business and be happy! 🤗
Business communication & Employer Branding// Happiness coach
Kaunas, Lithuania
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