Simonas LinkevičiusPhotographer
Commercial photography for architects, interior designers, realty developers and others.
About me
FINE ART photography - honored to be featured on Esquire, Fubiz, Internazionale, Modern Photography, Ignant, Polka, Quo, Liberation and others. INTERIOR & ARCHITECTURAL photography - commercial photography for architects, interior designers, realty developers and others.
Vilnius, Lithuania
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I have been working as photographer for more than 7 year's. Practice base experience in event photography, reportage and portraits. Feel free to contact me!
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i can tell you what to do to make your photos stand out.
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The fastest way to earn from photography is to sell your camera. It took me 7 years of practise to start living from photography. Do you think that fancy camera of yours makes you a pro?
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we all have cameras nowadays and I want to share how I edit my photos. some apps I recommend: -Vsco -Snapseed -Lightroom -the first thing I do when editing is to wash out the blacksa little bit. -I add some contrast. -I use to turn the yellows to orange and the greens to blue
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