Paulius LeonavičiusBiophysics, Sales, Renewable Energy
Solar power is not new, though people still lack about its possibilities in Lithuania. I’ve been working with renewable resource energy most of my professional life, and my last year is dedicated to solar power in particular. If you want advice, or just to have a discussion - I always open for it!
About me
I was into renewable resources before it was so popular. My career started in 2011 at that time I was working as a scientific researcher of atmospheric pollution. Later I’ve been in the recycling of biodegradable waste and even more grew my interest in Environmental issues. For the last five years, I tried salesman, project manager, and deputy director roles - though one this stay the same - it all was about the renewable energy field. Now I'm an independent consultant who can solve your troubles.
Biophysics, Sales, Renewable Energy
Vilnius, Lithuania
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