Andrius JanauskasLead Software Engineer @ Qoorio
I am first developer to join Qoorio. I can share what it took to get to where we are and what kind of decisions I made from very beginning.
About me
I am a professional software engineer with years of experience in backend and mobile apps development (Ruby on Rails, iOS native, React Native). I could say many things about my style of work and results, but I guess if you are reading this text, you can judge my work by yourself as I am one the first developers of Qoorio app.
Lead Software Engineer @ Qoorio
Vilnius, Lithuania
Andrius Janauskas on Building QoorioLead Software Engineer @ QoorioSome time ago
Qoorio app uses a lot of open source libraries. One of the great things about open source is the ability to collaborate with the rest of the community on common problems facing us. One of the open source libraries Qoorio uses extensively is react-navigation which is primarily responsible for screen presentation, animation and history management. Few months ago we migrated to newest version of react navigation, however we soon found out it contained a bug that could potentially affect our customers. Since react-navigation library is an open source we were able to track down the root cause of the issue and fix it - not only for ourselves but for other developers using the same library.
fix: finish stack animation on CANCELLED event by ajanauskas · Pull Request #7898 · react-navigation/react-navigation

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