Aurimas DapkeviciusProject Development Manager at
You don’t have to get a degree in Marketing to be great, although it helped me a lot in my career path. The most important traits of a good marketer are excellent spoken and written communication skills, creative thinking, strong planning abilities, and last but not least - leadership.
About me
I’ve always been consistent in my career direction which is based on my education - Master’s degree in Marketing and Business Administration. After starting as a Marketing Manager in the news portal in 2012, today I’m happy to be responsible for the leading dating website
Project Development Manager at
Vilnius, Lithuania
Similar topics
Digital marketing
We can talk about any digital channel (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, you name it), possibilities, formats, effectiveness and etc.
Arijus ŽakasReklamos agentūrų SOMA agency ir Havas Creative vadovas
E-commerce and digital marketing.
I am passionate about search engine optimisation, e-mail marketing, digital journey, user experience and conversion rate optimisation.
Guna Janusevska
small business communication
I would be happy to consult small or boutique businesses that require creative ideas to reach their audience. Yes, this is all about communication.
Inga NorkeRevolution Manager, Editor in Chief @ SEEN Magazine
Performance Marketing
Running PPC campaigns has never been more dynamic. Algorithms, Data, ROI Positive - you have to look after many things. But don't feel overwhelmed. I'll be happy to share tips & tricks on how to manage your digital flow.
Ilja PopovSustainability Guy | Performance Marketer
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