Dalia BagdziunaiteNeuroconsultant // Researcher // Behavioral Strategist // Educator
How can we use neurotechnologies? How to choose the right ones? What each of them are for? What are the future trends?
About me
I’m an enthusiastic and curious mind, specializing in Neuromarketing & Behavioral Sciences. For the past 10 years I lived in Copenhagen, a year I’ve spent in LA, where I did my PhD with leading researchers from Decision Neuroscience, Habit building & Neuromarketing domains. For the past year I’ve spent in LT working in public sector on digital transformation strategy for the region of Panevėžys & PolicyLAB at the Government Strategic Analysis Center.
Neuroconsultant // Researcher // Behavioral Strategist // Educator
Vilnius, Lithuania
Dalia Bagdziunaite on NeurotechnologiesNeuroconsultant // Researcher // Behavioral Strategist // EducatorSome time ago
Did you know that It used to take 1,5 hours to set up the electroencephalograph and today it takes only 10 min? EEG was used to foresee & study epilepsy as it tracks the electrical activity in our brain and transforms it into the different brainwaves reflecting our states. Today portable EEG provides a possibility to study human behavior outside the lab to better understand consumers, design solutions, ercognimics or architecture impact!

Similar topics
I love, love, love innovation. New ideas and concepts excite me. I've never been an "in the box thinker" and growing up I couldn't understand why everyone couldn't see what was so obvious to me. Today I love to inspire and develop innovation. We all have the ability to be innovative.
Marian ClarkePsychologists
Any psychological topic
I love analyzing what triggers certain behaviors, what motivates us to do certain things, what brings certain emotions in our life and etc. Would be interesting to have a structured duscussion on any psychological topic,
Vladislav TropI'm a techie and an entrepreneur
Deep learning and AI development
My latest cherry on top skill is building neural network which can do multiple things at once. I am capable of builting it from scratch and use it on real time photo/video data. I love it!
Kasparas AleknavičiusHealthcare futurist. Meaning Doctor, AI Developer, Business Developer 🧠🚀
Digital health
Patient engagement solutions and prevention of chronic diseases - this is the future of healthcare.
Kasparas AleknavičiusHealthcare futurist. Meaning Doctor, AI Developer, Business Developer 🧠🚀
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