Ugnė M. MakauskaitėPhotography Publications, Art Management and Art Consulting
Not every great event is advertised. But that's what I'm here for. I'm willing to share the events worth visiting you or at least tell you where to look. Who would say no to a personal guide?
About me
Art will never go out of fashion. It's always about life, and my life is inconceivable without art. I'm working in the arts-related field for over five years. So, I have a great basis for understanding how it works and how things can be expressed in visual art. Besides that, I finished Vilnius Art Academy, Art History, so my knowledge and practice working with an art converge. I was always interested in photography, so my project coordinator job in the Lithuanian Photographers Association, perfectly lets me be where I belong. If you have the same interest – just drop me a message!
Photography Publications, Art Management and Art Consulting
Vilnius, Lithuania
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