Ugnė Marija AndrijauskaitėEducation consultant / Translator / Historian
There is a stereotype that beer is a boyish thing. Well, I call myself a beer geek, I know my IPAs and APAs, I love my sours and lambics. I have tried over 1000 different beers, and surely can show you something new and interesting.
About me
If you wanna meet a person who has a deep and long-lasting love with Kaunas city, that's me. I grew up in Vilnius and relocated to the most Kaunastic place on Earth. Here I enjoy walking around surrounded by amazing modernist interwar architecture, having some good food, craft beer and fancy cocktails. Historian (PhD) by education, education consultant and translator by occupation - I can share both my professional knowledge and love for Kaunas city!
Education consultant / Translator / Historian
Kaunas, Lithuania
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