Gediminas MikelenasEntrepreneur, software developer
I have worked in multiple international IT companies and helped build world class products.
About me
Founder of DSTitan - app for professional dropshippers.
Entrepreneur, software developer
Klaipėda, Lithuania
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Stock picking - my most loved ones..
When trying to find the best ideas you need not only knowlege but also great understanding of market psichology, only then you can reach 35x. ;)
Donatas MacinskasInvestment professional
🌟Thank you all 🌟
Thank you for spending your precious time doing the meditation with me! Truly grateful for your company! Stay safe and be free! Otis xoxo
Otis LeeEducation Guidance & LGBTQI Counsellor
Love, wisdom and awareness topics
Yulia KingCreator of Beautiful Lifestyle
✨🌟🙏🏻Vaccination Day🙏🏻🌟✨
26/7 (Monday) Hello World! Thank you for keep supporting City! My name is Otis, your very special explorer from Malaysia! xD Today is my vaccine day! Let's hope the vaccine centre is not so crowded here! Peace! Otis 🙏🏻🌟✨
Otis LeeEducation Guidance & LGBTQI Counsellor
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