Žydrūnė VitaitėCo-founder @ Women Go Tech, Head of Sales @ Eldes
Having spoken in a variety of conferences about subjects as varied as women empowerment, gender equality, women in tech, men role in gender parity - I'd gladly have an in-depth discussion about all of these things.
About me
Everything that I've done to this day is led by the principle of leadership and aiming high. Upon acquiring Economics degree from Vilnius University, I've dipped my toes into talent management. This has taught me numerous communication and community building skills, which have come in extremely handy when I decided to switch to business development and operations. Having spent almost a decade of my career within the technology industry, I've realized that there are nowhere enough women in it and the situation needs to be shifted. That is exactly why I'm one of the co-founders of Women Go Tech mentorship initiative, which seeks to encourage women build their career in ICT and engineering. Not only has the project been patronized by the president of Lithuania - Dalia Grybauskaitė and supported by several international corporations, but it's also one of a kind here in Lithuania.
Co-founder @ Women Go Tech, Head of Sales @ Eldes
Vilnius, Lithuania
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