Audrius JanulisTech, Marketing, Comedy | Startups @ Google
10+ years of experience with digital marketing. Now working with Baltic startups at Google to find (or build) the next unicorn. They say my presentations are good.
About me
Started coding to understand how software works. Studied physics to understand how hardware works. Here to understand how humans work.
Tech, Marketing, Comedy | Startups @ Google
Vilnius, Lithuania
Audrius Janulis on MarketingTech, Marketing, Comedy | Startups @ GoogleSome time ago
Growth hacking vs paid user acquisition is like hitchhiking vs taking a bus.

Audrius Janulis on MarketingTech, Marketing, Comedy | Startups @ GoogleSome time ago
It’s better to stand out than to fit in. Kęstutis Koira (sadly not on the platform) who won the logo competition for Eurobasket tournamet provided this stylized depiction of the competition and said: “In the final 10 there were nine basketballs and one backboard.”

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