Laura ValiukonėSenior Business Analyst at Danske Bank LT, tomatoes Expert
Do you feel lack of knowledge when doing your business analysis activities? I can help you to adapt new techniques, share my experience and examples. I can tell about IIBA certification(ECBA, CCBA, CBAP), provide tips for learning material, where you should mostly focus on, exam process.
About me
With over ten years of experience working as a business analyst (BA) for various scope companies in different industries, I am an expert at business analysis technics and tools, managing business analysis processes and coaching others how to do it. CBAP certificate proves my knowledge and membership of senior BA community. Every business should take time to evaluate performance of their processes, products, services, software and hire expert BA to analyse gathered data, assess need for changes. On my free time, I am a fan of tomatoes with an active Facebook and web page which is dedicated solely for tips and tricks on nurturing and growing tomatoes. My additional interests are biology science, aquariums, succulents, ceramics, drawing. So it's fair to say that I am a very curious and versatile person :)
Senior Business Analyst at Danske Bank LT, tomatoes Expert
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