Renata BerzanskieneGeneral Counsel at ORLEN Lietuva, AB Former Partner at SORAINEN (19 yrs) arbitrator
A Lawyer's career is extremely demanding - for many years, you have to live and breathe your job, knowing that the payoff will come in years, not in months. What's so great about it then? Why choose such an ambitious path? I have my answers to each question of this kind, so let's meet and talk.
About me
Being a lawyer was my goal for many ears - from an associate to a partner at regional law firm, member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration and a member of ICC Arbitration Court, I've made quite a journey in my career. I always wanted and still want to develop my knowledge and to make my lawyer鈥檚 job more effective, thus I have got EMBA at BMI and a Bachelor in Psychology at VU. Now I'd like to impart my knowledge with the younger generation and share my insights with those in need.
General Counsel at ORLEN Lietuva, AB Former Partner at SORAINEN (19 yrs) arbitrator
Vilnius, Lithuania
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