Antanas BakšysEntrepreneur, Ecommerce hacker, Cider maker, Good at Burnouts:)
I started my entrepreneurship journey at 13 years old. I was a co-founder of ecommerce startup and now a co-founder of SearchNode. Also I’ve been consulting or just sharing experiences with dozens of startups (including those who became unicorns) and still stay in touch with top entrepreneurs
About me
For the last 8 years I work in ecommerce & software market. For the last 6 years I run SaaS startup. I can talk about both for hours! However a huge passion a couple of times lead me to burnouts, what caused anxiety, relationship issues and more questions than answers. I think I coped with it quite sucessfully and would love to share this with other passionate people who think they might have a mental burnout.
Entrepreneur, Ecommerce hacker, Cider maker, Good at Burnouts:)
Kaunas, Lithuania
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