Airinė PalšytėHigh Jumper, Professional Athlete @ Nike
Despite the hecticness of my daily life, I've managed to graduate with a bachelor's degree and am on my way to finishing master's of Marketing & Communications - I'd gladly share my time management tips + tricks as well as the reasoning behind choosing to continue education.
About me
I am a big believer of aiming high. And I'm not only speaking of physical heights here, even though, technically speaking, they are my main field of expertise. I believe that whatever you dedicate your time and essence for - it's worth giving your absolute best! In one way or another it always proves to be worth it. I've been in the world of sports ever since my teenage years. My first success took place at the age of 16 at the Lithuanian Athletics Championships when I came second (then two years later won gold in the exact same competition). One of my proudest achievements to this day, marks me becoming the European Athletic Indoor Champion and record holder for indoor high jumping at 2.01m in 2017. Fun fact: I happen to be the first woman in the Baltic States to achieve a high jump of over 2m. But hey, onwards and upwards!
High Jumper, Professional Athlete @ Nike
Vilnius, Lithuania
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