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As a person who has worked in a leading digital media channel, digital performance agency and aplied solutions working on a client’s side (how we call it in the industry) - I can share loads of informationon what you can expect, when diving into the digital world
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Hi, I’m Nerija, and I am passionate about all things digital! So passionate in fact, that I have been working with digital products for more than 10 years. As an individual who prefers great working structure, I am extremely keen to find a solution for everything that comes my way.
Head Of Marketing @Qoorio
Vilnius, Lithuania
Nerija Skvernelytė on Digital marketingHead Of Marketing @QoorioSome time ago
Here’s a fun one - Ever noticed similarities between gaming and marketing? 🤔 Well, not hardcore gaming, but have you ever played minesweeper as a child? It reminds me of when you just start marketing: 1️⃣ At first you start with a field full of mines and opportunities and you need to uncover some areas that can be built on - square after square. Otherwise it takes a lot of guesswork to proceed. But if you get stuck, then you need to search for multiple uncovered areas and see how they combine. 2️⃣ Then you start to see patterns how numbers connect - like mini structures. When you do so - you gain a lot of speed in the gameplay. 3️⃣ And as you succeed - you want to up your level with more obstacles and wider opportunities! 💡 Likewise is in marketing - get something to start from, your initial data and learnings and just build on it! When stuck - do tests and see what results they bring to the whole picture. And if u get a mine - learn where your calculations were wrong and just start over ☺️


Justas JanauskasCEO @ Qoorio, Co-Founder @ Vinted, Angel Investor
Looking forward to reading more of your learnings! 🦀
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