Jūlijs MelngailisProfessional songwriter, artist and events management
I'm an advanced alpine skier, having represented Latvia at the FIS tournament in 2010 and 2011. I am also a Level 1 ski instructor with an ambition to earn a Ski Patrol and Rescue Certificate in British Columbia, Canada. I think it is gratifyinf to know how to save lives!
About me
Latvian/American, native speaker in both Latvian and English. I'm open, friendly and curious about all things creative. I recently moved back to Rīga because I love this city and its people, but I also think there is a lot of potential and space for improvements, particularly in the music industry. I'm always down to bounce some creative ideas, hit me up! You can read about my journey so far below: Right after completing my International Baccalaureate at ACS Cobham International in the UK, I began my studies at LUC the Hague, a liberal arts college, where I studied world politics and conflict journalism. Afterwards I studied songwriting and music business at BIMM London with an emphasis on lyric writing, music production and songwriting for commision. During my studies, I worked as the music director for Mercato Metropolitano in central London, as well as Head of Eastern Europe for BENUMU, an events and artist management organization based in Camden, a position I still hold today. We have a network of over 2000 UK based artists, and I intend to "import" music to the Baltics via cultural exchange programs, in order to foster a more vibrant live music culture in our part of the world and help up-and-coming bands reach their full potential. I currently work as the Culture and Entertainment Project Manager at Jaunā Teika, a vibrant modern city district in Rīga. I'm also the singer/songwriter for Bel Tempo, a promising indie electronic/future disco duo. Our single "Think Too Much" is played in at leqst 25 countries and included in tens of DJ set lists across the world. We are currently working on our first EP.
Professional songwriter, artist and events management
Riga, Latvia
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