About me
For the last 5 years we have been building a company that fully replaces simultaneous interpretation equipment in live events. It has been the best decision in my life that brought many failures, successes, lessons and growth. I also tend to live life to the fullest, so would be happy to share my life hacks.:)
Co-Founder & Head of Sales and Marketing @ Interactio
Vilnius, Lithuania
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Need to Create Innovation Strategies?
My main areas of expertise are innovation strategy and transformation and innovation management by building systems and processes, as well as innovation leadership. I am helping my customers to create their moonshots by designing and facilitating Design Sprints, hackathons, accelerators.
Exploring the world makes us wiser. What did you explore and what you got out of it? What's your favourite trip?
Rena Valatkė
Interior & graphic design and photography
All blend in well making world beautiful
Rena Valatkė
Parenting joys
Rena Valatkė
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