Aistė Jakimavičiūtė BikauskėCreative Director, Happiness Manager & Type 1 diabetic
Pick my brain, regarding any visual communication or branding questions that you may be looking answers for or simply, let's discuss my (or yours!) most loved sources of visual inspirations that brighten my day & can potentially brighten yours!
About me
Given the fact that colours, textures and other visual elements have had a vast impact on me ever since I was a little girl, it comes as no wonder that my professional path has taken me down the road of visual communication. Having graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts with a major in Graphic Design, I've spent majority of my working life combining my liking for art, design & education, which has manifested in such positions as an art director / visual strategist & a freelance set designer as well as a lecturer. To approach the latter in a more structured and informed way, I've recently graduated from Vilnius University with a degree in Education. Currently, I'm sharing my visual communication & identity expertise not only with bright students, but also with brand & marketing managers, in the shape of private workshops and courses, I've also always had a creative itch to share those visual learnings, findings & lessons with like-minded people, which I happened to do through several self-founded platforms, such as: 5/5 Junior (Penketai) - visual culture movement of creative people in Vilnius, which I've co-founded with a few of my peers, as well as Gyvenimo dalykai + Dalykai - a lifestyle blog, where I share all things that bring me pleasure along with tips and tricks of how to achieve those things yourself in the simplest of manners.
Creative Director, Happiness Manager & Type 1 diabetic
Vilnius, Lithuania
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