Karolis RimkusCEO @ Caption, a Social Media Marketing Agency
I know 0.5% there is to know about the topic, but I also know it's very hard to find some of the conpany-owner-related answers on Google. I run a social media marketing agency, there's >10 of us and I now probably know answers to some of the more common questions.
About me
I enjoy helping CMOs, marketing managers and business owners exceed their goals with Instagram, LinkedIn & Facebook. Leading Caption - a team of >10 social media specialists. Get in touch if your social media marketing is not delivering! I believe in a methodical approach to marketing: A/B testing everything, experimenting and analysing. For example, the summary you're reading right now was crafted SEO style, to help my profile appear in the top of Qoorio search results. Here are some keywords meant for search, but that also conveniently double as my specialties: 📌 Social Media Marketing (Currently CEO at Caption, SMM agency; >200 clients throughout years) 📌 Brand Management (Previously: LABAS (telco) brand manager) 📌 Personal Branding (Most followed Lithuanian marketer on LinkedIn) 📌 eCommerce (Built 2 stores from scratch, developed to 5 figure revenue and sold) 📌 Marketing Consultant (From growth-hacks to strategy) 📌 Speaker, Trainer & Workshop Lecturer (~50 events so far. Topics: Instagram, LinkedIn Marketing, Social media) CLIENTS: ⭐ I had the awesome opportunity to work with clients from finance, FMCG, pharma, tech, B2B, automotive, HoReCa & other sectors. Notable examples: Toyota, Mars, Circle K, Western Union, Berlin Chemie, Hesburger, Wolt, US Pharmacia, Jack Daniel's, Heineken, New Nordic, ACME, BIOK, Caffeine to name a few. OTHER SKILLS: ⭐ SaaS development, Marketing and Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing, Media Buying, Facebook Ads, Ad funnels, Influencer marketing, Content Production, Shopify, Oberlo, Mailchimp, Snapchat, TikTok. I'm up for meeting online or anywhere they serve tea :) Let's talk on Qoorio and see if I can help you as well!
CEO @ Caption, a Social Media Marketing Agency
Vilnius, Lithuania
Karolis Rimkus on Running a companyCEO @ Caption, a Social Media Marketing AgencySome time ago
There are basically two ways to find a solution to any problem: 1. Ponder, deliberate, discuss and evaluate 2. Take a break My best ideas came to me either when running or on vacation. This time I'm coming back from Finland with a few rearranged priorities and new solutions. And I gave it zero thought. The ideas just pop up! It's weird how NOT working may sometimes be the best work you can do.

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