Karolis RimkusCEO @ Caption, a Social Media Marketing Agency
Somehow ~20k people follow my marketing babble on LinkedIn, and I'm lucky enough to turn some of them into clients - I can attribute 58% of our clients as leads from LinkedIn. I think I can help almost anyone get more results (market share, job offers, press interviews etc.) on LinkedIn.
About me
I enjoy helping CMOs, marketing managers and business owners exceed their goals with Instagram, LinkedIn & Facebook. Leading Caption - a team of >10 social media specialists. Get in touch if your social media marketing is not delivering! I believe in a methodical approach to marketing: A/B testing everything, experimenting and analysing. For example, the summary you're reading right now was crafted SEO style, to help my profile appear in the top of Qoorio search results. Here are some keywords meant for search, but that also conveniently double as my specialties: 📌 Social Media Marketing (Currently CEO at Caption, SMM agency; >200 clients throughout years) 📌 Brand Management (Previously: LABAS (telco) brand manager) 📌 Personal Branding (Most followed Lithuanian marketer on LinkedIn) 📌 eCommerce (Built 2 stores from scratch, developed to 5 figure revenue and sold) 📌 Marketing Consultant (From growth-hacks to strategy) 📌 Speaker, Trainer & Workshop Lecturer (~50 events so far. Topics: Instagram, LinkedIn Marketing, Social media) CLIENTS: ⭐ I had the awesome opportunity to work with clients from finance, FMCG, pharma, tech, B2B, automotive, HoReCa & other sectors. Notable examples: Toyota, Mars, Circle K, Western Union, Berlin Chemie, Hesburger, Wolt, US Pharmacia, Jack Daniel's, Heineken, New Nordic, ACME, BIOK, Caffeine to name a few. OTHER SKILLS: ⭐ SaaS development, Marketing and Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing, Media Buying, Facebook Ads, Ad funnels, Influencer marketing, Content Production, Shopify, Oberlo, Mailchimp, Snapchat, TikTok. I'm up for meeting online or anywhere they serve tea :) Let's talk on Qoorio and see if I can help you as well!
CEO @ Caption, a Social Media Marketing Agency
Vilnius, Lithuania
Karolis Rimkus on Personal branding & sales on LinkedInCEO @ Caption, a Social Media Marketing AgencySome time ago
Who said charts are boring? Here's how you make a killer post on LinkedIn. This is a great example of how much a few bars can say, and it's evident from the stats of this post that people find it interesting.  The bars demonstrate the vast gap between the ease of creating an account in challenger vs. regular.banks.  You can compare market shares, company sizes and revenues, but then you strike a single metric that represents the whole situation in a glimpse. It's also a fresh perspective, so thousands like and share it.

Karolis Rimkus on Personal branding & sales on LinkedInCEO @ Caption, a Social Media Marketing AgencySome time ago
This is ridiculous!!! 4.7 million views, are you kidding me? We've custom made and uploaded Caption branded GIFs to Giphy, and this is the result after just 4 months. People are using OUR content: 📌 In conversations 📌 On their Instagram stories 📌 Commenting on posts Imagine the possibilities for your brand. This is just crazy! You can find our stickers on any platform that uses Giphy's database by searching "captionagency"


Justas JanauskasCEO @ Qoorio, Co-Founder @ Vinted, Angel Investor
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