Valdemar BaranCommunication Specialist, Traveler, Social Media Expert
The social media industry is still quite new, so there are no fixed rules on how to make things happen. Every situation is different, so different solutions must be made as well. As a social media specialist, I know how to analyze the situation and make the best strategic decisions.
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I am an extremely open-minded person, always up for new challenges that help me evolve both personally and professionally. I have always loved communications of all forms, so studying Creative Communication was inventible. I have experience managing various social media accounts for companies and individual people. I can talk fluently with you in English, Lithuanian, Polish or Russian. You choose the language.
Communication Specialist, Traveler, Social Media Expert
Vilnius, Lithuania
Valdemar Baran on How to Create a Perfect Social Media Presence?Communication Specialist, Traveler, Social Media ExpertSome time ago
Facebook has algorithms that even Facebook employees can't understand it fully anymore. At least that's how AI should work, right? But there are some tips to make your business posts get more organic audience. Here are few of them: 💡 Try not to share the external links. This rule works probably on every social media platform - nobody wants for people to leave the website, so the posts with the external links tend to get less organic views. Be creative, maybe sharing the link in the comments or in the picture? 🤔 💡 Videos work better than photos. Thinking about creating a perfect picture for your post? Try making a short video. They get a lot of attention as there is more ways to put advertisements in there. We know that Facebook loves advertisements so why not to try encourage that and make your posts more visible. With videos you get more insights about watch-time and you get to know your audience demographics better. There is a lot of platforms where you can make short entertaining videos for free. 📽️ 💡 Ask people questions and discuss them in the comments. That's a simple rule but try to talk to people. Encourage them to comment and discuss various questions. Use the poll function, reply to the comments. This encourages your audience to be more active with your business. It is better to have active community members than just the likers. Numbers don't really matter all the time. 🙃

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