Sergejus MakarovasDanceSport (Ballroom) coach, DanceSport scrutiner, competition organizer
One of the things I am very fortunate to have achieved is making my passion for dance my full-time job. This is something that is very difficult to achieve, but with enough determination, it is certainly possible. Prior to beginning my dance career, I qualified as an IT professional.
About me
I work as a DanceSport coach for 20 years. Teaching children from 4-5 years and helping them to develop their abilities to coordinate their bodies. I work as a scrutiner at almost all major dancesport competitions in Lithuania and sometimes abroad. Also as I'm involved in DanceSport events organization I can help with planing, organizing, and the most important - finding right team to work with.
DanceSport (Ballroom) coach, DanceSport scrutiner, competition organizer
Vilnius, Lithuania
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