Dovilė DaugvilaitėGetting things done in project management | 1st woman Human IPO in Baltics
I am deep diving in Project Management from when I was 14 y.o. This is a worthwhile area of science to explore, especially if you a working as “sales” or “marketing” PM and have no idea what real project management is about.
About me
PROJECT MANAGEMENT Tools, templates, best practices, worst experiences, starting points of your career PLANAS GYVENIMAS My personal brand established 2020 09 23 EVENTS ORGANIZATION What, How, Why, With whom IPMA & YOUNG CREW Everything about project management professionals’ world-wide organization TEDx events Everything about TED talks and this world-wide organization CROSS FIT Trainings are life, huh? VOLUNTEERING Wondering if is it still popular or relevant nowadays? BUSINESS IDEAS I have plenty of them, though still searching for the right partner(s) to start TRAVELS Goal - execute trip around the world in one go BLOGGING AND CONSULTING Check me on instagram @planas_gyvenimas
Getting things done in project management | 1st woman Human IPO in Baltics
Vilnius, Lithuania
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