Vytautas BurokasAdtech Product Management
A keen cyclist who can advise you about finding the right balance between conscious athletism and smart competitiveness.
About me
Having graduated with a first class honours degree in media studies / London, I've spent the last +6 years in the adtech industry, working with the management of ad campaigns, data management, business analysis & product ownership.
Adtech Product Management
Vilnius, Lithuania
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Having been involved in the scene at the highest possible level over the past 18 years I’ve amassed a wealth of experience when it comes to all things esports. Make your subject matter clear and we’ll chat :)
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Being hooked on many sports I never thought I would one day commit to Running. It's everything you need to develop your health, strength, determination, will, not to mention many other benefits. Advice: don't run alone, join a club. I'm a member at Vilniaus Begimo Klubas. Up for a run?
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