Kristina PurytėCreative Fashion Writer, Art Lover, Living Life Slowly
If you need to talk communication, blog creation, or simply want to find out how to get started with a career in fashion, I am happy to share what I know.
About me
A life-long devotee to the arts, I have created a career from writing about fashion as both a blogger and a staffer. I also specialize in social media marketing and creating bespoke communication strategies.
Creative Fashion Writer, Art Lover, Living Life Slowly
Vilnius, Lithuania
Similar topics
Male elegance
One of my hobbies is to dress properly for any occasions. I would like to see well-dressed men around the streets, not the usual dressed at random man. Dressing well can really help you in many ways: from a job interview to a First date and will increase your self esteem.
Martino Pederzolli
How to create a fashion brand.
Beeing a brand developer for years, I created several brands like Kalės vaikas, Julija Žilėnienė, Julia Janus, now working on Vilnius old town place brand Stiklo kvartalas. I know how to start, to purifie and to develope product, place or even space brand. Lets talk!
Julija Janus
Natural skincare tips & products to make at home
I am a natural skincare formulator. Have been formulating products with natural ingredients. Have been selling our products for more than 3 years. Our best sellers are the scar balm which helps reduce scars & also stretch marks body balm which has won an award as the best natural stretch mark cream
Chitra Gunaseelan
Sounds funny i guess- but i have been throughout several plastic surgery’s and can share my experience on whenever something is absurd or totally worth the money and pain.Reach out with questions or topics- and hear it from first lips and make uo your own mind on whenever its really worth the hustle
Robertas Kalinkinas
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