Marius BalčytisCTO / Lead Software Developer at Paysera LT
No matter how good you are at programming, you first need to learn how to make good strategic decisions that point you toward the right path and create value in the long-term.
About me
I have always been fascinated by creating software - it got me hooked right from my childhood. From writing a single line to managing teams of developers - I always strive to achieve quality in the process itself, not only in the results. As head of development in rapidly growing FinTech - both from perspective of features and of employees - I get to be a part of broad spectrum of various interesting decisions, problems and their solutions. Starting with code, good practices and coding conventions, following with systems design, refactoring and migrating from legacy code, integrating systems together, recruiting and onboarding developers and other IT-related team members, working towards better security, integrating devs with ops, leading teams and their leads, making compromises with top management, designing and working towards technical vision, amongst other things. I like to share my knowledge not only at work, so I (try to) actively speak at tech meetups and contribute to open source.
CTO / Lead Software Developer at Paysera LT
Vilnius, Lithuania
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