Karolina MeginyteCertified event Organizer
Planning a wedding sounds like a dream job, but just like any other job, it has a lot of challenges and negative sides. As a professional wedding planner, I can consult people on their abilities and characteristics to become a successful wedding planner.
About me
I describe myself as a dreamer who believes in fairy tales ✨ and I’m lucky because i can create them. ✔️Wedding planner: In this field from 2005. Almost 400 weddings. Www.kmvestuves.lt ✔️Travel addict - 40 countries and 150 cities, i have stories about that ;) ✔️Shoes: 62 pairs in my closet 🙈 Love from the first sight ✔️ Food: come to my apartment and try my special octopus A wedding is one of the most beautiful and meaningful days in any woman or man's life, so everyone wants it to be immaculate. As a wedding planner with over 14 years of experience, I have helped over 400 wonderful brides to say "yes", and 400 stunning grooms to start a family in the most beautiful way. As a professional, I am not only passionate about planning weddings, but I also have all the required knowledge and personal traits to do it flawlessly.
Certified event Organizer
Vilnius, Lithuania
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