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Logistics pro. In an interesting way.
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Adomas Matusevičius on How your logistics worksLogistics pro. In an interesting way.Some time ago
How to use SMART goals, analytics and real time reporting to self-set goals and self-motivate your process participants? I’m guessing most of you know SMART goals and how they are set. For those of you who don’t, here’s a short intro: SMART is an acronym for SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, RELEVANT AND TIME-BASED. Using SMART goals is a clever way to set yourself up for success in everyday tasks and quite a good marker of quality in longterm projects. But setting them and especially measuring your progress usually takes time and persistence that can be hard to maintain. It’s even harder, when goals, that you need to reach are set for periods of one day of few days and progress needs to come be measured on hourly basis. This could be the case in services (logistics, maintenance, public services) and manufacturing (most of it). Tasks are short or can be divided into short ones, downtime is preferably low and results can impact changes right away. In this case setting up a measuring system that is as automated as it can be would be helpful. BI tools (PowerBI, Qlik Sense, Tableu, etc.) today are easy to use even for a moderately skilled IT user and can be set up from almost any data base. If your process progress steps can be logged in a database, they most certainly can be put into a data model, merging them with other data sources and visualised as simple tracking dashboards. Nothing new here. What was new for me and what made the real difference (on one of my projects - 25-30% increase in efficiency) was the real time self-service presentation of process participats’ data of efficiency on an hourly basis. The uplift in productivity is not an exact science and there are multiple variables, but my sense is that it has something to do with computer games and the logic of “beating your record score” for some of them. Knowing your pace at all times allows you to adjust and track your improvement. So, in conclusion: having a measurement system, that provides you with KPI data each morning is good, but having an online tracking system changes not only your reaction time, but the mentality with which you address your SMART goal through gamifying the experience for all involved. What do you guys and gals think of this kind of approach? Have you tried it with your service or manufacturing process and if so - what were the results?

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