Brigita ErcėFinancier/ listener/ dog lover
I like to listen and motivate people. Sometimes you just need a small push up to move on and be sure with your decision.
About me
Currently I am financier at Central Project Management Agency. I have already more than 6 years experience at finance area, mostly at international companies as Western Union, Nasdaq, Swedbank or Danske Bank. In other hand I am creative person and I tried a lot of new things. I was going to art school, learning sport dances, as well finished professional make-up artist courses, job interviewing courses and others. I am interested in marketing, planning to take some courses in the future. Reading books is passion of mine. As well I am dog lover. I have Westie named Toris. So go to walk with him is kind of my relaxation after work day. About books- the most I like to read books about psychology, but now is period when I am reading the newest books mostly. The all times favorite book is Roman Gary “Aušros pažadas“ (original name: La Promesse de l'aube). I like to share my minds about read books on my Instagram profile. As I am really interested in psychology sometimes I’m ponder about psychology or coatching studies. People say that I am good at figuring out others and helped them to find motivation, inspiration or support them.
Financier/ listener/ dog lover
Vilnius, Lithuania
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