Karolina SamalėValgoma puokštė / Food creator / Body exercises /
Interested in exploring new places and meeting with new people.
About me
• Kineziterapeutė • “Valgoma puokštė” kūrėja • Individualių dovanų ir maisto patiekalų kūrėja • Maisto gaminimo dirbtuvėlių vedėja • Žmona
Valgoma puokštė / Food creator / Body exercises /
Kaunas, Lithuania
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Want to know more about me?
🔸 I'm from Vilnius, Lithuania. 🔸 Living here for 30 years. 🔸 Have a master's degree in IT. 🔸 Making business and my own dreams come true through digital for almost 10 years. 🔸 Changed 6 jobs during this time. 🔸 Playing volleyball 4 times per week. 🔸 Animal person 🐶
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