Martynas JatautasCEO and Founder at Cask 215, Foodie, Chef, Gastronomist and Bearer of Happi
It might not be the best idea for me to teach people how to make tasty burgers themselves because I still need customers, but who cares. If you want to learn some kitchen secrets from me, I would be glad to give you some advice and maybe even reveal some secrets.
About me
I always loved to eat delicious food (who doesn't?), so instead of waiting for new and refreshing gastropubs and restaurants to open in Šiauliai, I decided to step up and do it myself. That's how Cask 215 was born. Since the opening, I spend most of my life thinking about new ideas and ways to improve my pub. It is my goal to bring people happiness through food, and I am proud of it as long as people leave Cask 215 with satisfied tummies.
CEO and Founder at Cask 215, Foodie, Chef, Gastronomist and Bearer of Happi
Šiauliai, Lithuania
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