Dovilė FilmanavičiūtėArtist, Content Creator, Marketing Expert, Head of Digital, Miss Sheep, Foodie, Loving Mother
There are no rules on how to create content, but I believe that some practices and exercises are helpful for every artist. I am not perfect when it comes to following a routine and staying disciplined, but I get the work done. After all, a little bit of chaos never hurt anyone.
About me
My life has always been about creating something innovative, inspiring, meaningful, and funny, would it be an album or marketing campaign. I always look at the world from an ironic angle, and I try not to take things too seriously. However, I am also an activist for social justice and equality. As long as people are reasonable and kind, I answer with kindness as well. Apart from my creative career in show business and marketing industry, I am a devoted and loving mother. I won many awards for my professional work, but my biggest achievement in life remains giving birth to my wonderful son.
Artist, Content Creator, Marketing Expert, Head of Digital, Miss Sheep, Foodie, Loving Mother
Vilnius, Lithuania
Similar topics
I always end up most of conversations discussing about ideas. If you need any idea or you lack creativity- my head is full of them. From extravagant to casual.
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Yes, you can think and be creative!
Dovaine JuciuteCreative thinker | Entrepreneur
Making your first movie
Do not spend too much time waiting to start. It will always seem that you can be better prepared or find more funding. In the beginning your vision is the strongest - just go with it and work every difficulty along the way. Trust me, it will be harder to finish than to start.
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