Martynas LapinskasIT Systems Architect at HDM Engineering
Companies that adapt to new technologies grow much faster and create a wonderful environment for their employees and customers. There are dozens of new digital technologies that your company might be lacking yet, and I would be glad to introduce them.
About me
I am Martynas, and I’ve been a citizen of the digital world since the age of five. Over the course of my professional career, I’ve helped a number of companies introduce digital technology into their organizational departments. I create Software Requirements Specifications (SRS) for enterprise software purchases. Using the SRS documents, companies can specify, tender and purchase IT solutions that match their working model, company culture, internal processes and expansion plans. In addition to that, I supervise enterprise software purchasing and implementation processes to ensure that the enterprise software project is executed in adherence to the provided Software Requirements Specifications.
IT Systems Architect at HDM Engineering
Vilnius, Lithuania
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