Liudvikas AndriulisSharp-Minded Persona, Luxury Traveler, Columnist, Occasional Internet Bully
I travel a lot, so I notice many moments of various airlines that could be improved. Throughout my flying career, I have probably communicated with every existing airline, so I know exactly how and when to ask for compensation. It is sometimes a painful process, but no one in their right mind should
About me
Let me be straightforward. Some people call me a bully, a sociopath, or a narcissist. And I agree with them to some degree. I love to live always seeking perfection; thus, I may seem to be outstanding in the crowd. I work hard and, therefore, I play hard. I will always point out illogical decisions to the people even if they don't want to listen because that's the only way for us all to live in a world with more objectivity and less pretentious emotions. In my humble opinion (haha!), the best self is of a natural human nature kind.
Sharp-Minded Persona, Luxury Traveler, Columnist, Occasional Internet Bully
Vilnius, Lithuania
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