Justinas KundrotasSEO & Web Analytics Human
Don’t make those usual or very specific errors while upgrading your website to new design (facelift), CMS and/or domain. It may cause a disaster for your business - lost rankings and revenue. Just let me answer all of your questions, plan and efficiently execute effective migration in less time.
About me
I help humans to grow their businesses online since 2010 by optimizing their webs and apps for efficient organic visibility and conversion growth. Let's talk about your case! Also, need to set up basic or advanced tracking? Or maybe you are planning to facelift to the new design/version, or migrate to new CMS, server or domain? I can help to avoid not only headaches but also significant loses in search rankings, conversions and revenues. My experience covers working on all three sides - I did it as a freelancer, on client and agency sides. I worked and still working with some very well known companies. Happy to share my 10+ years know-how with every Human. Let's take coffee and discuss your case in detail.
SEO & Web Analytics Human
Vilnius, Lithuania
Justinas Kundrotas on Facelift or migrate, but never loseSEO & Web Analytics HumanSome time ago
Correct redirects are most important! Yet it's a common mistake that costs so valuable rankings and sweet organic conversions.


Justinas KundrotasSEO & Web Analytics Human
You're welcome :)
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