Mindaugas JankauskasProduct professional, Technology enthusiast, Product management consultant
If you need a professional and objective consultation on your product's developing and managing, I would be happy to provide it. I have experience working for companies from brand new startups to international corporations, so my knowledge of product managing is universal.
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Product development - what and how. From backlog management to organization that enables efficient product development. My vast amount of experience in product managing and development has helped me to achieve great things in my career and boost the performance of the companies I worked for. For over 15 years, I have been studying everything product-related from gathering a strong team to applying correct methodologies. And most importantly, I never forget to adapt to our ever-changing world and business environment, so my ideas are fresh and relevant.
Product professional, Technology enthusiast, Product management consultant
Vilnius, Lithuania
Mindaugas Jankauskas on Product DevelopmentProduct professional, Technology enthusiast, Product management consultantSome time ago
Have you ever been in a situation where you tell a person what you need, he confirms that he understood and when he delivers it is not exactly what you needed❓ It is a common problem in product development when user needs and perceived needs are actually different. However, there are ways to avoid situations like this: 1️⃣ Identify user needs not only by asking what he needs but by observing and understanding what he needs to achieve. 2️⃣ Visualize the result before starting working on it and discuss (wireframes, user flow diagrams, simple drawings, prototypes) to confirm that this is actually what he wants, text might not be enough. 3️⃣ Iterate, get feedback, and observe your user with the new feature. One of the methodologies to find a solution to bigger user problems is Design Sprints. There are more, and even these three points might improve the situation a lot.


Mindaugas JankauskasProduct professional, Technology enthusiast, Product management consultant
You are right Design sprints work well for bigger problems where you either not sure of all problem aspects or there are multiple possible ways to approach it. And by definition it is meant for bigger changes as it takes time and effort to organize well. However in this post I mentioned it only as an illustration that people think of different ways to make sure they understand their users before building something. Even small double-checks and feedback loops might go a long way to save time ...
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Mindaugas Jankauskas on Product DevelopmentProduct professional, Technology enthusiast, Product management consultantSome time ago
One of the most common challenges I noticed in Product management is being able to plan, communicate, and get buy-in from different levels of stakeholders efficiently. As Product Manager, you will have different levels of stakeholders: ▪️Company management ▪️Other PMs ▪️Your own team All of them need a different level of detail and most likely from different angles. Knowing that you might want to organize your analysis, planning process, and communication in similar structure. 🔹 Insight #1. Starting your product development planning from the top will help to focus on the most valuable problems and get management buy-in before you even start development. 🔹 Insight #2 Limiting to right level information for the right stakeholders will improve communication clarity.

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